"To coach and train leaders to enjoy the journey, lead with confidence, become more decisive, and take on dirty issues through courageous leadership - all while taking care of their personal wellbeing" - Ron Ward

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Dynamic Personalized Coaching

Leadership Coaching: Ron provides one on one coaching for leaders.  These sessions are designed for managers and leaders who want to become motivated to maximize their output, become more organized, more decisive, and have a safe space to discuss their challenges.  

Leaders In Crisis: Ron is certified in Crisis in Stress Management (CISM) and has years of experience assisting leaders to psychological recovery. These sessions include proven wellness strategies to help leaders become more resilient and effective.

Group Coaching Events

4Ward Speaking Engagements: Ron is a noted speaker and has multiple topics to engage audiences. Ron uses his wealth of experience in leading volunteers, managing employees and serving in county, state and federal law enforcement to provide opportunities for the audience to learn, grow and be entertained at the same time.  In relation to his book, Ron provides a breakdown of some of the dirty lessons contained therein and applies them to various parts of life.  Ron will inspire listeners to become decisive, take on challenges and take on life with courage.  Ron will have them laughing, participating and maybe even crying.  In high schools, Ron has a unique history with bullying and uses his stories and experience to provide students with coping mechanisms and the encouragement they need to be transparent and discuss their situation with parents, teachers, etc. He also encourages students to develop the leader within. 

4Ward four-hour Live group coaching event: The 4Ward four-hour coaching consists of training on the various behaviors and situations managers and leaders will likely face.  Ron and team take the participants though a decision-making exercise to help them become more decisive and to communicate more effectively. This program provides them with strategies and dynamic drills to help leaders make clear effective decisions from a position of courage. This is accomplished in a dynamic role play environment, where they will see first-hand how their ability to provide constructive feedback can improve drastically with just a little practice.   

One Day Live group coaching event: In this full-day training event, Ron and team provide information and dynamic exercises outlined in half-day event. In the second half of the day, this program will provide a realistic presentation on personal and staff Wellness (with some fun group participation activities).  This session provides participants with wellness strategies for mind and body and provides information on overcoming mental fatigue and promotes physical exercise and diet in a reasonable fashion. Participants will learn the benefits of a good laugh, the power of music and each person’s need for hobbies and a sense of community. The theme of this program is titled, “start somewhere.”  In the final session of the day, Ron provides team building exercise using his years of martial arts  training.  Participants will practice light self defense moves as Ron incorporates these exercises into management strategies using interesting stories to keep them relevant and fun! At the end of the day, the participants will be given a copy of Ron’s 100 Dirty Lessons and a copy of the Manager’s Creed.